The first records in the Comune of Montelparo which mention the hotel building are dated 1501 and refer to it as Palazzo Pellei – the name of a well known family of nobility in the area at the time.


The building originally consisted of two floors, the lower of which has an outstanding vaulted ceiling authentic to that era.  The upper floor was added in the 20th century when the building was converted to a hotel and restaurant and was known as Taverna del Leone.  It consisted of nineteen guest bedrooms and only two bathrooms.  It ceased functioning as a hotel in 1986 when the owner retired and the restaurant continued to operate for a few more years.  Since that time the building remained as if frozen in time with everything, from furniture down to the smallest items, were left in place. Somethings were wrapped in cling-film to preserve them from the passage of time and a number of those orginal pieces have been restored by a local artisan and can be found in use around the hotel today.


And Now:

Madeline and Tim discovered this gem in 2008 and knew immediately this was the place for them to build their dream.  It was an eclectic mix of old meets new – 1500’s meets 1970’s – with a medieval vaulted ceiling dining room, 1950’s spiral staircase, original 1500’s cotto tiles in the sitting room and antique furniture still in situ.  The building itself was in need to complete renovation and bringing into the 21st century.   We have since dedicated our time, love and resources into restoring the building to its former glory whilst updating it with the facilities essential to the modern traveller.  


As a vital part of the restoration we have incorporated as many environmentally-friendly aspects as possible into the design and fabric of the building, with great care being taken to be as eco-friendly as possible using solar power energy, locally sourced materials and rainwater collection where possible. 

Madeline & Tim Jones - owners of Hotel Leone
Hotel Leone Signage
Montelparo with mountains in the distance

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