Our Green CV

Being Green at Hotel Leone

Tourism is often criticised for not being very environmentally friendly, so we have created our own Curriculum Vitae so you can be sure that we are working together to do our best to do as little damage to the environment as possible. We have been awarded gold level status by Trip Advisors Green Leaders initiative – a scheme developed by sustainability experts including the United Nations Environment Program and was achieved after an independent audit by a third party.

What we have and what we do:

  • Solar panels for electricity generation
  • Solar panels for hot water generation
  • High efficiency condensing boilers
  • High levels of insulation using new technology throughout the renovation of the structure
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Hotel waste is recycled wherever possible – including food waste sent for biomass composting
  • Cooking oils and fats collected and recycled – the collection vehicles are powered by this oil
  • We avoid single use products wherever possible ( bathrooms and breakfast )
  • Over 90 percent of our lighting is low energy with 60 percent being very low energy LED
  • We encourage guests to re-use towels and bedding, but respect your choice as well
  • Air conditioning is switched to low energy at night time to reduce energy and noise pollution
  • Zoned and controlled heating and cooling
  • Micro drip watering system for all plants and gardens
  • Water bottles are returned to supplier for re use
  • Energy saver key card door entry system to increase energy efficiency
  • Double glazed windows fitted with sensors to limit heating and cooling
Eco friendly at Hotel Leone

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