Painting Holiday with Julia Morgan 2023

Julia Morgan: An Essence of Place

Watercolour Workshop in the Le Marche Region of Italy 

Join us from 20th – 27th May 2023



What gives a place its identity? How do we find specificity while developing a strong visual foundation to our paintings? What makes Le Marche, Italy its own version of stunning?


While we look for the overall lines in the landscape, we also look for the quite ordinary ‘every-day’ special: the color of its stone and window frames, the whimsical angles of bell towers and wind-swept oaks, the gesture of a bicycle as it leans against a wall, the shadows of the café table and chairs, the precipitous drop of a limestone cliff at the sea, and so much more.


Course Details


This supportive, individualised workshop includes 5 full days of art-making. The first part of each morning will offer an hour of instruction through exercises, demos and discussion on ‘seeing’ and composing practices before setting up to paint an inspiring landscape motif. After lunching at the hotel or in a local trattoria, participants can choose to paint again from that motif deepening their understanding, or venture off to paint a new motif/site.


Another option is to paint alongside the instructor or even just sit and observe for more guidance. Each painting day will close with a social-hour viewing and discussion of our day’s work where we learn so much from each other. Additionally, there will be a ‘free’ day mid-week, where one could paint on one’s own or join an optional cultural or culinary adventure outing.


Where and what we will paint: distant views from hill towns like Montelparo, of vineyards, the Adriatic coastline, the whimsical Sibillini mountains, tile rooftops, and charming villas dotted through the landscape. Closer in, we wander and paint on the streets of these hill-towns with their clock towers, church spires and facades, winding streets and sun-drenched walls.


The topics we will cover include finding  specificity in shape and contour of land and architecture, creating a value structure for your painting that directs the eye, lost and found edges, the space between objects, and developing colour harmonies that sing.


Included in the price of this Painting Holiday with Julia Morgan is:


  • All tuition fees
  • 7 nights accommodation in air-conditioned, en-suite rooms in a luxurious palazzo with commanding views across the rolling hills of the Le Marche countryside to the coast – see our rooms here
  • All meals including breakfast, buffet lunch and a choice of up to 4 courses from our daily changing gourmet evening menu
  • A ‘pizza-giro’ evening at a local trattoria within a few minutes walk of the hotel
  • Delicious local wine with lunch and evening meal
  • Private group transfers to and from either Ancona airport or Pedaso (station or bus stop)
  • 5 days painting tuition including demonstrations and one-to-one advice and guidance
  • 3 days’ excursions to specially selected stunning locations
  • Private transfers to and from  painting locations
  • Guided orientation walking tour of the medieval hill-top town of Montelparo on day of arrival 
  • 1 free day (lunch not included) with the option to take an excursion to the beautiful town of Ascoli Piceno, a Renaissance town full of history as well as fabulous boutique shops, charming cafes and one of Italy’s most beautiful piazzas
  • Unlimited use of air-conditioned studio
  • Easels, boards and portable stools and chairs


Prices start from €2299 per person based on two people sharing a room.  To find out more about the different room types, pricing, how to get here and more fill out the form at the bottom of the page or to check availability email


Note:  if the arrival date is more than 12 months away you can book your place and choose your room without paying the deposit.  The deposit will become due 12 months from the arrival date


Bring a Partner or Friend on this Painting Holiday with Julia Morgan


If you’d like to bring along a non-participating partner on this Painting Holiday with Julia Morgan they too can experience our hospitality enjoying all the meals and excursions.  If you’re wondering what else there is for them to do then find out just some of the options here.




About Julia Morgan


As an artist and teacher, Julia Morgan’s joy and dedication to her art is the basis for her teaching. She shares her insights with drawing, painting and sculpture students via semi private lessons, college courses, community classes and travel workshops.


Art travel programs take her all over the world from Taos, New Mexico to Europe, Egypt to India.


She says, “It is when one is away from home that one especially experiences serendipity, encounters rich diversity, and interestingly, makes discoveries about oneself. Making art during travel is unforgettable!”


Julia’s paintings, drawings, and time-based works examine everyday gestures and the potential of an ordinary action. Whether in a domestic space, a site where individual intersects community, a seemingly untouched landscape, or translated by lines on paper referencing vehicular or bodily motion, human endeavor sets in motion a series of unfurling gestures.


Her work examines aspects of this unanticipated choreography.


A friend once said to her, we live in a state of uncertainty. It is this navigating of the everyday experience that moves Julia to make paintings, drawings, and time-based installations about human vulnerability and resilience.


To see Julia Morgan’s work visit:

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