The Best Places to Visit in Le Marche Italy

The Best Places to Visit in Le Marche Italy: perfect trips for a sunny day

Our guide to The Best Places to Visit in Le Marche, including beautiful Lake Fiastra.


Explore Lake Fiastra

After a few days of exploring Le Marche, hiking in the Sibillini Mountains or shopping at local outlet stores, it’s time to take a break, switch off and relax.


Lake Fiastra is definitely a place to discover if you are spending time in Le Marche. It’s about an hour from Hotel Leone. It’s the largest hydroelectric reservoir in the province and promises a great trip year round for couples and families alike. If you’re visiting in the summer, when the temperature reaches over 30 degrees, nothing can beat a dip in this crystal clear, refreshing water or relaxing on the lakeside with your favourite book.


En-route to Lake Fiastra

Lake Fiastra is only a short drive from the beautiful medieval villages of San Ginesio, Caldarola and the town of Sarnano. If you have some time to spare, they are great places to stop and explore and get your souvenir shopping done.


San Ginesio is a gorgeous little village with old architecture, many piazzas and tiny family-run shops. In Caldarola, you can admire the Pallotta Palace or the family-owned Pallotta Castle, which to this day is still in great condition and has kept its original paintings, furnishings, clothing and more. If time is limited, stop in Sarnano for a short stroll.  Sarnano is on the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy – well deserved with its ancient, cobbled streets, piazzas, churches and impressive towers that dominate this beautiful local landscape.


Lake Fiastra

What a beauty!  The lake is well run, with specific rest areas, parking all around the swimming areas, equipped beaches, restaurants and bars.  Once you arrive, look around and find the best spot to park.  Most car parks are not too far from the beach areas or are easily accessible by a short walk.  At Lake Fiastra, you will find many spacious natural beaches with amazing mountain views.  The village of San Lorenzo al Lago has the main beach.  If you’d like to learn more about local history and take amazing pictures, head to Fiastra village, where you can explore the ruins of the 10th century Castello Magalotti and enjoy the views overlooking Lake Fiastra and the surrounding mountains.


If you’re an active person, there is plenty to choose from on the lake:


You can find the Nature Trail near the small beach in San Lorenzo al Lago. This trail is about 3 km long, and it’s a great way to explore the eastern shore of the lake and its coves. It’s an easy hike, but don’t worry; there is something for everyone. Lake Fiastra offers a wide range of other hiking or biking routes depending on your fitness level, for instance, Lame Rosse or the route to the Fiastrone Gorge.


Water activities

Who wouldn’t enjoy spending an afternoon cruising on the lake? You can rent peddle boats, paddle boards or kayaks from the main beach in San Lorenzo al Lago or even take a ride on a boat that is popular with visitors.



Good news for fishing lovers. As long you have the right permits, sports fishing is available all year round.  Fishing competitions are held throughout the year, and you can find several species of fish, including trout, barbel, tench, rudd, carp and more.


Visit an Adventure Park

If you’re travelling with children, they will love this. Zip wires across the lake, mule trekking, tree top walks and archery, you name it. You can find the Adventure Park near the inlet stream of the Fiastrone River, and it’s great fun for the whole family.


Restaurants and bars

San Lorenzo Al Lago boasts several restaurants to tempt you or visit popular artisan Gelateria di Emma, famous for her delicious homemade ice cream. You will find restaurants and bars in the village of Fiastra as well and it’s a lovely spot to enjoy your afternoon coffee. If you like to cook for yourselves, you can take advantage of the free brick built communal BBQs in San Lorenzo Al Lago.

Before you set off on your journey back to the hotel, don’t forget to do one more thing. Check out the greatest panoramic views of Lake Fiastra and capture those moments on camera. The best viewpoints to consider are Rufella viewpoint, a rock overlooking the lake, the Church of the Madonna del Sasso Bianco in San Lorenzo al Lago overlooking both the village and the lake or the old ruins of the Castle Da Varano and Church of St. Paolo, giving you a complete view of the lake.


We hope you enjoyed our guide to the very best places to visit in Le Marche.

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