Why choose Le Marche as your wedding destination?

Dreaming of an Italian wedding, set in a beautiful location, surrounded by all your loved ones?

It’s your big day: it’s the day when we want everything to be perfect and to fall into place.  Some of us have been dreaming about this day since we were little girls.  We used to put on our Cinderella dress and, with our best friend, walk down the imaginary aisle.

Since we were small we kept being told how important this day would be.  We want to wear the perfect dress, get our hair beautifully done and have our family and friends by our side. It takes weeks, months, sometimes even a year to get this ONE DAY planned to perfection. We will all probably agree that finding the right location is sometimes the hardest part. Especially if you want to get married somewhere original, unique, a place you have never been before.

Well, let’s help you out and make your decision easier.

3 reasons to get married in Le Marche

Unique location

The Italians describe Le Marche as “all of Italy in one region” – hilltop towns, beaches, national parks, vineyards and more can be found in this one region. How amazing is that! One day you can sit on the beach and next day you can climb a mountain. It’s also still a very unspoiled part of Italy and if you want to experience the real, authentic Italian life Le Marche is the place to go. Thanks to the wide variety of landscapes of this region Le Marche offers great scenery for the background of your wedding pictures too.

Wedding dress shopping

If you can’t decide on your wedding dress back home why not try to find your dress in Italy? Italy has something to offer on any budget and taste and its handmade products are famous worldwide. You don’t want to miss out on Le Marche shopping outlets, which are scattered in the hills of this beautiful region. Le Marche is known for leather and shoemaking and produces around 90% of all Italian shoes.


One of the most important factors when it comes to deciding on our wedding day. The weather in spring is mild and pleasant and summer is sunny and warm. Till November the weather is still rather nice with temperatures over 20 degrees. You can look forward to beautiful sunsets, sunrises and great light throughout the day, simply the perfect conditions for your photographer to capture the best moments of your wedding without any hassle.

If you want your wedding to be an unforgettable and unique, once-in-a-lifetime moment and an exciting and inspiring experience for your family and friends, Le Marche is the place. You will not only be able to explore this beautiful part of Italy, but you will spend your time surrounded by delicious Italian food, quality wine, and friendly local people. Start planning your Italian wedding today.

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