Painting Holiday with Elaine Griffith

3rd – 9th September 2022 – more than 4 places available

Course Details


Elaine specializes in helping new artists grasp the painting process and overcome their fear of failing.  Experienced artists like the chance to master the acrylic medium with her personalized instruction.  Everyone may choose how they want to utilize their time and learning experience during this week of inspiration, relaxation and discovery.


Our time on location will be spent sketching, doing quick watercolor studies or working with acrylic paint directly on the canvas to start a piece to finish later. You will learn to select a composition from the vast view using your “built in viewer” or handy viewfinders. Photos for later reference can be taken.


Back at the studio in the afternoons you may finish your impressions of the morning’s location with guidance as needed.  Or participate in the demo learning Elaine’s innovative Method to work quickly with acrylic paint.
You can learn how to create harmony in your work by learning to mix color using only a limited palette of primaries with the color mixing lesson offered.


Suggested supply list will be sent upon booking.


About Elaine


Elaine Griffith began painting at age 11, sold her first painting at age 14 and knew this was what she would do forever. She graduated with an Award for Excellence from the School of the Worcester Art Museum which was a professional Fine Arts school since the late 1800s.  (Since closed, but now offers art classes for all ages).


She has spent many years doing commissions- portraits, homes, pets, signs, marketing pieces and more. She has exhibited in several areas of the US as well as received awards in many shows and exhibits over the years. Her favorite medias are acrylic and watercolor.


Elaine began teaching acrylic painting in 1987 at a longterm healthcare facility and quickly developed her own innovative method to teach this challenging group that had severe physical or memory issues and NO art experience. Her teaching method made it possible for them to create a successful painting on their first try. Her classes were in demand at many facilities.


When she offered it to other adults and children of all ages in different venues it proved to be a fast way to help people learn how to “see like an artist” and quickly get past their fear when learning to paint.


She became a very popular instructor as her students are amazed at what they can accomplish so quickly with her clear Art is 4 Every1 teaching method. Experienced artists are grateful for her knowledgeable critique, even if they paint with their own method. Along with several weekly classes she has lead painting workshops of many types in New England.


Due to demand, she has created an online course for artists to learn how to have their own teaching business using her popular method. She now has Certified Instructors in several areas of the world. Soon there will be Color Mix and Method Courses available online for beginners wanting to learn to paint at home.


Elaine lives in the small country town of Oakham, MA in the USA.


Find our more about Elaine and her work here and


Painting holiday prices start from €1,425 per person which includes the following:


  • all tuition fees
  • 6 nights luxury en-suite accommodation: view our rooms
  • Local transportation including group transfers to and from either Ancona airport or local pick up points*
  • All meals including breakfast, lunch or gourmet picnics on location and evening meals
  • Delicious local house wine with lunch and evening meal
  • 5 days painting tuition including 2 days’ excursions to stunning locations
  • Unlimited use of lockable studio
  • Easels, boards and portable stools and chairs


*On the day of arrival we organise pick up times based on the groups arrival times either into Ancona airport or at the local train or coach stops.


We will do our very best to make sure nobody has to wait for too long but please be aware we will be picking up other members of the group whose arrival times may not necessary coincide perfectly with your own and we ask for your patience.


If you are arriving at a time that really doesn’t tie in with the group or arriving a day or so earlier we can arrange for a taxi to pick you up.   The cost of a taxi is in the region of €150.  If there is anybody else arriving doing the same we will arrange it so that you can share the transport costs.


Similarly for departure, for retreats the rooms are to be vacated by 10:00 on the morning of departure.  Departure time will be set based on the majority of the group.  Again we will do our very best to accommodate everyone.

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